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About Us

BIENVIDO! BIENVENUE! WELKOM! BENVENITO! WELCOME! To Jamaica Excursion Sight Seeing and Attraction Tours (JESSA) “Your Ultimate Travel Choice”.

OUR DOORS are always opened in creating opportunities in, and meeting the expectations of , your travel plans as well as in providing a gateway to a memorable vacation and , more importantly, to a unforgettable experience of an infectious Jamaican welcome and hospitality which knows no bounds.

OUR WHEELS always turn with efficiency as we take pride in transporting workers and achievers as part of our small contribution to the development of business, the delivery of service and the growth of our national economy

OUR STAFF all our staff are certified by JTB (Jamaica Tourist Board)

OUR FOCUS is people centric! We believe in our teachers as Educators, our Farmers as Sewers of the seed of life, our Doctors and Nurses as healers of our nation our Businessmen and Businesswomen as investors in and creators of capital, human and otherwise, the ordinary Jamaican men and women as extraordinary and our children as tomorrow’s greatest jewels.

OUR GOAL is to build a Company which manifests the strength and pride of our people the beauty of our land and the warmth of our sunshine.

OUR MISSION is to provide a safe, secure, comfortable viable and efficient tour and transportation service through a competent, highly motivated and patriotic team that results in a high level of client satisfaction, that fosters and develops the values and secures a premium quality of life for our people.

BIENVIDO WELCOME! to you our valued friends and clients. Come and share with us and be part of a vision of excellence and success.